When Botox Won’t Do – Getting a Forehead Lift






Many women – and some men – resort to regular injections of Botox to get rid of creases in their foreheads. The reason: they believe that having a lined forehead ages them, making them look as if they had indulged in a few actual thoughts or had some real experiences during their lifetimes.


You will not be a candidate for a brow lift if you are too young (!), smoke, regularly take anti-inflammatory drugs or aspirins, or drink a lot of alcohol.


Occasionally, however, the injections of the Botulinum toxin aren’t enough. They can be pricey and they have to be topped up fairly regularly – in some cases as often as every three to four months – in order to work properly and smooth out those lines. After several years of regular Botox sessions, the price can add up.


The alternative to having poison injected into your forehead is a brow lift, which is a permanent way of getting the forehead you desire. There are many different types of forehead, or brow lifts, depending on the specific needs, wants and desired outcome of the patient. If done correctly, a brow lift can revolutionize the way an individual – or at least their forehead – looks, and make the need for Botox a thing of the past.


However, no type of brow lift is without risks. Before you embark on this type of cosmetic surgery – or any cosmetic surgery – make sure you know what you are getting into. Botox will wear off within a few months, and you’ll look exactly as you did before having the injections. A brow lift, on the other hand, can change the way you look forever – which could be a good thing, but could be downright disastrous.


Types of Forehead Lifts


Brow lifts are designed to smooth out the Hair transplantation in turkey forehead and lift the line of the eyebrows, while making the eyes appear more open and refreshed and thus the entire face look rejuvenated. Also known as an eyebrow, endobrow, open brow, temporal or forehead lift, it is usually done on people age 40 or above, as younger folk don’t have enough saggy skin available at the top of their hairline, or crown.


The three main types of brow lifts are:


* Traditional or Classic Brow Lift. Not for the squeamish. Your surgeon will make a “coronal incision”, or big cut, behind your hair line from ear to ear on top of your forehead. After this is done he or she will tighten muscles and get rid of any tissue or skin that is responsible for frown lines or other wrinkles. The skin will then be pulled back tight to reduce those wrinkles and/or frown lines, then sewn back. Basically, it’s like cutting off some skin, giving it a yank, then re-sewing it tightly back up. Sometimes the result is that the person appears to have a slightly larger forehead than they had bargained for.


* Endoscopic Lift. These types of lifts are more popular because they require a shorter recovery period and are less invasive. However, they an only be performed on patients who need less of a lift, which usually means younger people. They involve the use of a camera on an endoscope, or cannula, which will allow the surgeon to see what he or she is doing without making large incisions. Instead, smaller incisions are made, and the skin is pulled through them. Twilight anesthesia is usually used.


* Mini-Forehead Lift. The beauty part is that having a mini-forehead lift can cost about the same as two – three years of regular Botox injections, but the result can be permanent. The goal of this less-invasive lift is to elevate the eyebrows, thus making the eyes appear less hooded and making the need for an eyebrow lift a thing of the past. It is achieved by incisions usually made behind the frontal hairline. If you have a high forehead then the hairline can be brought down – with an endoscopic lift the hairline will be made even higher.


Please note that brow lifts are often done in conjunction with other plastic surgery procedures, such as an eyebrow lift, hair transplant or even a face lift or nose job. After all, people reckon, one-stop shopping is the way to go: if you are paying for anesthesia and perhaps even a hospital stay, why stick with only the forehead? Also, you might look a bit funny if you have the forehead of a 20-year-old, while the rest of your face appears 65-plus.


Risks of Surgery


You will not be a candidate for a brow lift if you are too young (!), smoke, regularly take anti-inflammatory drugs or aspirins, or drink a lot of alcohol. You may have to stop taking certain meds and thrown out the ciggies and the drinks way in advance of the op, as well as trim your locks if they will get in the way of the surgeon’s knife. If you are in bad health generally or have unrealistic expectations of what the surgery can offer you, you may want to give this one a miss.


Most people who have a brow or forehead lift of any kind will experience bruising and swelling after the operation, which should disappear in about a week, when you will also have staples or incisions removed. The classic brow lift is considerably more painful, and you will most likely be prescribed painkillers. Most people take at least a week – or more – off work, and will need to avoid strenuous exercise etc for some time after that.


You can also experience some (hopefully) temporary side-effects, such as numbness and tingling, particularly along the incision lines. In rare cases patients can suffer from an infection, skin loss (necrosis) or scarring that won’t heal or is very obvious. If you have a high fever or excessive bleeding after the op, call your doctor pronto.


Buyer, Beware


A brow lift will give you a crease-free forehead, it will not change your life. Although in some cases, it could change your life for the worse. “I just had a brow lift so I could stop getting Botox. They are not the same thing,” writes a woman identified only as mommyinhous on the RealSelf.com website.


“The Botox corrected exactly what was wrong, but it didn’t change how I looked. The brow lift gave me a larger forehead, which I don’t like. Hair transplantation turkey My husband calls me five-head now (he actually thinks it looks good, which is why I don’t kill when he says that). Anyway, I wish I would have just continued to do Botox.”

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